Launch a New
Energy Drink through eCommerce

Is it possible to launch a new consumer good using ecommerce and no advertising?


Business Challenge

With new niche products entering its core markets, the challenge was to take an international product and test launching it in the US without the standard national advertising and store promotion.

Approach Taken

With a lean brand team and small agency team, we launched the product in one large metropolitan market, proving coverage to national sales through ecommerce.  Mimicking the techniques used by new brand start-ups, we wsing social media influencers, event promotions and a single retailer partnership.


The product met its sales goals and extended beyond its initial retail partner.

Lessons Learned

  • The power of retailer relationships is significant in building both online and offline sales revenue.
  • Subscription and replenishment is critical to ecommerce sales growth.
  • Referral only comes when prompted through entertaining communication.


This launch was completed with a small brand team and a small agency team.  Both partners worked based on performance-based compensation and were funded by innovation funds in both companies.


United States

Digital Campaign
Customer Experience, Innovation, Organizational Change, Usability