Evangelize Marketing Technology to a Fortune 100 Toy Company

Can a toy company’s executive team consider personalization and targeted marketing at scale?


Business Challenge

CPG or FMCG companies face the greatest transition as they embrace digital marketing and a new way of working has to be embraced at the top of the organization.  This toy manufacturer’s executive team needed a new model to manage campaigns.

Approach Taken

We worked with the head of strategy and the US executive team to define a thought leadership presentation for their executive offsite.


Follow up sessions were created for individual divisions.

Lessons Learned

  • New models have to be kept simple to be effective.
  • Don’t start with the technology, start with the business benefit.
  • Leverage existing assets and thinking to lessen the transition required.
  • Get buy in across organizational silos with senior executive sponsorship.


This was a small team of senior agency leaders with support from analytics and marketing technology professionals.


United States

Digital Transformation
Innovation, Organizational Change