Driving Digital Transformation in a Global Agency

How do you drive digital transformation across offices and teams?


Business Challenge

Many professional services firms are wrestling with how to truly make traction with digital transformation.  It is not simply completing digital deliverables, but getting the team to embrace digital ways of working.

Approach Taken

Recognizing there were a lot of local initiatives in each office and even regional initiatives across the network, we focused on linking up teams, providing measurable training and implementing tools to drive the desired behaviors.


The agency successfully maintained its digital subsidiaries and digital leadership talent.  Full teams understood the importance of digital culture and tools, and why clients were looking for these behaviors in agency teams.  We successfully changed IT and finance systems to allow for more agile and project-based delivery.

Lessons Learned

  • It isn’t so much what you do, but how you do it.
  • Digital tools need to be adopted across the project process.
  • Training will only work if supported by new tools to create new habits.
  • Organizations only respond to repeated communication and senior executive commitment.


We pushed the agencies digital transformation with a small central team that leaned on extended teams in talent, finance, information systems and agency operations.



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