Speaking History

May 16 – Globalocity – Customer Experience in eCommerce – San Diego

Apr 16 – ClickZ Conference – Driving Digital Transformation – New York

Oct 15 – Bolo Conference – Keynote

May 15 – Adobe Summit – WPP Adobe Alliance panel

Apr 14 – ClickZ Conference – Panel – New York

May 12 – DigiDay Conference Internet Week “Shifting Brand Dollars” – Vizu Panel

Oct 11 – ACG “Funding Consumer Brands Conference” – Keynote Interview

Sep 11 – IDG Modern Media Agency Series – Post-panel Interview

Feb 11 – Social Media Week – Toronto – The Business Behind the Buzz

Feb 11 – DMCny – Street Smart Social: War Stories from Clients and Agencies

Jan 11 – MTech 2011 – Defining the Frontier of Marketing Technology

Mar-08 – iris Under the Influence – Panel

Nov-07 MMetrics Mobile Ad Degree – “Barriers to Selling Mobile Marketing”

Sep-07 Ad Tech London – “Agencies – Strategic Vision – How is online advertising and digital technology transforming their business and what are they doing to keep pace? ”

Sep-07 Ad Tech London – Digital Consumer Forum – “Comfort Touch – 360 Innovation”

Sep-07 Ogilvy Verge Engage

Jul-07 WPP The Store Branding through Communities

Jun-07 NMA Marketing Show Conference Presentation – Beyond Brochureware

Jun-07 IT MVNO World Congress

Apr-07 MipTV Panel, Judging, Panel

Mar-07 STL Telco 2.0 Industry Brainstorm

Mar-07 CNN Mobile Advertising Segment

Jan-07 NMK Beers & Innovation, Agencies Step Up

Dec-06 Verge event Amsterdam

Dec-06 Digital Hollywood Broadband Advertising: The Power Surge – Video, PODs, Social Networks, Links & Banners

Nov-06 mobileYouth’ Round Table Summit

Oct-06 CSMG Mobile Advertising Roundtable

Sep-06 Adtech London – Moderator – “Kick Ass Creative II – Raising the Game”

Jul-06 FT Business Conference Panel

Jul-06 Dynamic Logic – Creative Best Practices Panel

Jun-06 IAA IAA Summit

Jun-06 Ad Tech VIP Round Table – Online Marketing Show

May-06 IPA IPA Digital Creative Meeting

May-06 Interactive TV Advertising Show

Apr-06 Client Event CRUK Dinner Debate

Apr-06 DMA DMA Word of Mouth Marketing Event – Keynote “Rise of WOMM”

June-05 RSVPair Conference “Internet Marketing for Private Aviation”

July 04 DMA E-mail Conference Panel “Tips & Tricks for E-mail Marketing,”

June 04 IAB Online DR Advertising Forum “Planning Direct Response Campaigns”

Feb 04 Marketing Direct Conference Workshop “Digital Marketing: Integrated Marketing”

Feb 04 IDM Conference Lecturers Presentation “Workshop – Digital Marketing Overview”

Oct 03 UK DMA Awards Judging Panel

Mar 03 Marketing Direct Feature Panel Member “Digital Marketing”

May 02 Marketing Week Interactive Advertising “Effective Viral Marketing,”

Apr 01 Marketing Week Travel Online “Generating Effective Marketing Campaings”

Mar 01 Omincom DAS NewMedia Day

Aug 00 Retail Pack Conference “Use of Internet for Custom Packaging”

Jun 00 NewMediaAge Congress

Jan 00 EuroForum A Legal & Regulatory Guide to E-Commerce

Sep 99 Radio 5 Live

Nov 98 NYNMA AT&T Breakfast Panel “Big Fish, Little Fish Partnering to Value”

Oct 98 PriceWaterhouseCoopers Executive Roundtable

Sep 98 WDD East “Integrating Marketing in Design”