Family Links

I’m lucky to have a fairly big family and one that is pretty active which means we pop up on the Internet. For the sake of a bit of historical record, I’ve started collecting links and may even get to archiving the lot of it. Needless to say, this is a work in progress.

Francis E Baker – 1972 – CT Income Tax Commission

Lucy Barry Baker Patricola – March 17, 1991 – NYTimes Wedding Announcement

F. Godfrey Baker – TechRepublic Listing of Published Articles

Herbert Barry III

As a professor it isn’t too surprising to see there is a lot of references to Uncle Herb online. In fact it is best to Google him, but here is a biography from the University

Timothy Johnson

Timothy Neill Johnson (tenor) was born and raised in southern California. After earning a Bachelor of Music degree from California State College at Los Angeles, he continued his studies at the Conservatory of Music in Antwerpen, Belgium. The works of J. S. Bach, the oratorios of Handel, the masses of Mozart and the songs of Schumann, Fauré, Vaughan Williams and Britten highlight his repertoire. Presently Timothy is a member of the faculties at Bowdoin College and the University of Maine in Augusta. Catalog Listing for Music’s Quill.

Bruce Dyson – Pleone – 8 Meter Restoration Project

Historical Pieces

J. Howard Bushway

Somerville History – The Bushway Ice Cream Company was founded in 1881 by J. Harley Bushway and ownership later transferred to his son J. Howard, according to the latter’s obituary in the Boston Globe on December 11, 1980. Bushway Ice Cream was primarily a wholesale business that served hotels and restaurants, shipping its products in distinctive wagons and trucks with an arrow insignia, although a retail business is mentioned at a Cambridge location in the 1907 Somerville city directory. The wholesale location was Boynton Yard (present day Windsor Pl.) J. Howard Bushway merged his company with Whiting Milk Co. in 1929 and retired to focus on his golf game and aviation interests.

Boston Train History and three car milk trains

Former business partner – Charles Everett, 1882, partner in the business for five years.

Scandal? Another FEBaker from New York? Haven’t heard this one from 1912.

J. Chauncey Redding – Flyer that worked with J Howard Bushway in 1915