Altacircle Acquired by LCR Capital Partners

Altacircle Acquired by LCR Capital Partners

For the past 15 months, Altacircle has been working with LCR Capital Partners improving lead generation and digital marketing.

We’ve learned a lot about the investment immigration business and realized how much opportunity there is for digital marketing to make a big difference.  We also realized that contrary to what is known in marketing circles, private equity is incredibly entrepreneurial with a lot of opportunities to do interesting things.

With this acquisition, LCR is taking on Altacircle as an inside agency.  LCR will get full access to the Altacircle network of experts and take ownership of the brand, the domain, thought leadership, and trade relationships that Altacircle has built up since its launch.   All of the tools and methodologies Altacircle has created will be owned by LCR to use with its teams and partners.  Clients outside LCR will be managed by Altacircle’s existing partners.  As part of the acquisition, John Baker will become Chief Marketing Officer of LCR and buy additional equity to full partner.

We’re looking forward to continuing the impact we’ve had on LCR.

High net worth families that decide to take on global citizenships have the sophistication to see the difference between a company that acts and talks as a trusted advisor and ones that focus on one-off financial transactions.  Moving to the United States or Europe is a highly considered decision that impacts multiple generations, and LCR has the team and structure to support its clients throughout the immigration process and beyond.