PBB Memorial – from Macy & Sary

PBB Memorial – from Macy & Sary


The first time I met Nan-Nan I was three weeks old and she came for Easter. From that moment on, I remember her coming to visit us, always interested more in our latest activities than talking about herself.  She loved to talk with us about gardening, family history, and her past adventures.

Those early years were filled with easter egg hunts, thanksgiving dinner, christmas gifts and halloween costumes. As we became older, and we could actually hold a conversation, Nan-nan would sit with us after dinner and talk to us about our classes, our favorite or least favorite teachers, and current events.

In the last few years I enjoyed writing lengthy letter to keep Nan-nan up to date about all the happenings in our lives. Nan-nan could always be counted on to listen to me talk about a school project, read the final drift of a school paper, or comment on a drawing I had drawn in art class.

Whether it was drawing with her, or her watching us draw, Nan-nan’s gentle presence always comforted us. I’ll miss you Nan-nan.


From pastel dust on my fingers, to 3rd grade book reports on her mom’s novel Here and There, Mosty There, Nan-Nan and her experiences always inspired me.

Over the years, I came to think of Nan-Nan as a free spirit and independent thinker, always quick to speak her mind and tell it as it is. For instance, I remember her telling me one day, that she prefered plants to people. I always believed this was because plants find strength in their roots. Nan-Nan often found comfort and purpose in her family history, and would spend many hours at the dinner table recounting family stories and interesting anecdotes from the past. Like Nan-Nan, flowers bloom every spring after the harshest winter.

We could always count on her to return, year after year, and help us make sense of our developing view of the world. Thank you Nan-Nan, for making our world a better place.

Whenever I look at flowers, I will think of you.