Another Day, Another Panel – ClickZ Keynote – Wednesday

Another Day, Another Panel – ClickZ Keynote – Wednesday

As much fun as it is to talk about moving big brnad dollars to digital channels, I think the real proof is when we do it.  There has been great examples on Macy’szyrtec and J&J’s Zyrtec but we still don’t have the big digital campaign that goes into the minds of a mass audience like “Mean Joe Green”.  Or “15 minutes can save you 15%.”

YouTube creates the memes and everyone has heard of Gagnam Style but this is a cultural entertainment piece, not a brand promotion.  Many even saw the Jean-Claude Van Damme truck split but that is basically a 60 second spot.  It doesn’t use the power of the computer or the network at all aside for delivery.

So we use Fetchback to have banners chase you around the internet, but no one can come up with a brand story that takes advantage of this technology?  The prize is big.


Afternoon Keynote

Digital Innovation Insights Driving Big Brand Awareness

A rare look at how the world’s leading agencies are making digital innovation the next creative breakthroughs for the brands we all admire most.

In this session you hear from the heads of digital at the most admired and creative agencies on the planet. This bare bones frank conversation about what drove success and even more importantly, how to avoid failed thinking will not only illuminate the agency folk in the room, but will inspire all of us brand and small business marketers to think outside the box and really drive big market share gains through Digital, Social and Mobile Marketing breakthrough ideas.

  • Moderator:
    Aaron Kahlow, CEO & Founder, Online Marketing Institute
  • Panelists:
    John Baker, President, JWT
    Jordan Bitterman, Chief Strategy Officer, North America, Mindshare
    John Burke, VP, Digital Strategist, Entrée Health LLC, A company of The CDM Group
    Jon Wegman, VP Planning and Strategy, Performics