Adobe Summit: Building Brands: 150 years meeting CMOs, and not just for lunch

Adobe Summit: Building Brands: 150 years meeting CMOs, and not just for lunch

Just completed a panel moderating how to sell in new platforms and analytics packages to big marketing organizations.  Great session, good comments and questions from the audience.

Of course the biggest question?  When do we stop putting all of our money into traditional TV, print and outdoor.  Should have seen that one coming earlier!


JWT works with big brands and knows how to talk to CMOs. Do you want to connect your work to the brand strategy?  Want to learn how to influence business strategy?  Make sure you are heard at the top of the organization?  Our roundtable discussion brings together a few clients and a big brand advertiser from JWT, a technical platform builder from XM Asia, and a global analytics expert from Digitaria to answer a simple question:  We all want the CMO and CEO’s ear, how do we make sure we talk their language?

Specifically we’ll look at:

  • From pixels to business strategy—How a replatforming brief can drive a completely new approach to doing business.
  • Delivering the news—How to present the campaign results so all of the agencies listen.
  • Signal from noise – How the brand team talks strategy and why the CMO spends so much time listening to them.

This session is relevant to all digital marketers that want to drive strategy with the c-suite.

  • John Baker – Global Digital Strategy Team, JWT
  • Vince Lui – Regional Director, XM Consulting
  • Mia Umanos – Director of Analytics, Digitaria
  • David McBride – Sr Director Analytics, American Eagle Outfitter