dotJWT Called Out in WPP Annual Report

dotJWT Called Out in WPP Annual Report

Doing projects that are somewhat internal facing is always difficult in an agency.  So much focus is on clients and the work we do for them — as it should be — that initiatives that can have significant impact on how an agency operates and how it delivers for its clients don’t get as much attention.

It goes without saying that as digital revenues continue to grow and pure play digital agencies get more of this work, larger established agencies are sharpening up their strategies on how they respond.

At JWT we call this dotJWT.  A brand to highlight all of our digital talent and focus on how our specialist subsidiaries in Search or Platform Development work with our integrated teams.

The premise is simple:

  • Digital work increases the number of specialists to deliver an integrated campaign
  • Clients do not want the headache that comes from managing all of these teams or to do the creative integration
  • Specialist teams do not flourish when integrated into the general agency structure
  • The agency needs a structure the encourages collaboration with specialist companies and teams

Having been about 6 months now focused on this, including rebranding the idea (with DigitLondon), a global roadshow and a couple initiatives to get people working together, it is great to see it called out in a more public forum beyond what we have on

An image of the JWT page and the link to the full pdf is below.

dotJWT in WPP Annual Report 2011

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