Video of DPAC Headline Panel

Video of DPAC Headline Panel

If you feel like giving up a whole 30 minutes and hear the agency perspective on the shift of advertising dollars from traditional to digital channels, here is yet another BIG chance!

Panel was moderated by Dan Beltramo, CEO & Founder of Vizu and consisted of
Paul Gunning, CEO Tribal DDB,
Carl Fremont, EVP / Global Media Director at Digitas, and
myself (sitting in for Bob Jeffrey).

Interesting highlights from my perspective?

  • It is harder to move marketers from TV spending then print or radio part because it works and part because it is fun for marketers
  • Local can replace print for retailers that need to cover specific metropolitan areas
  • Media is all being measured and recession has forced ROI conversations about each media channel
  • New IAB units are driving excitement clientside and in the industry.  Real campaigns versus simple banner ads
  • Innovative multichannel ideas throw the whole media plan up in the air

Here is the archived stream:

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