iris in the news: Rimmel 10 Part of Beauty Feature

iris in the news: Rimmel 10 Part of Beauty Feature

For the last few years we’ve been working with Coty across various brands, but most recently with Rimmel helping build awareness for their products in the US.  “Get the London Look” is the international tag line, so we went out and found 10 active video bloggers and asked them to interpret the London Look for their US audiences.
While Rimmel is not the biggest brand in the US market, this is a great example of influencer outreach and using directed product sampling to earn media.  Lots of people want to be celebrities and work in fashion and feeding that passion is something Rimmel can do quite easily.  And you never know, the future editor of Vogue just might be a Rimmel 10 girl.

This week New Media Age included us in their feature article on Beauty marketing online.  Full article is here.

Rimmel London wanted to raise its awareness in the US using online. It worked with marketing agency Iris, which partnered with youth network Ruby Pseudo to find ten American brand ambassadors.

“Developing a social media presence has provided us with a forum to have a direct dialogue with our customers,” says Rick Goldberg, VP of US marketing at Rimmel London. “To truly connect, though, we need to earn the attention of our audience with the content we put out there. It’s not enough simply to have a presence. We know they don’t always want to hear from us alone, so we engaged ten creative, fascinating women to provide their
thoughts on trends, London, cosmetics and creativity.”

The girls have been set ten challenges over ten months, finishing on Rimmel London’s tenth anniversary in the US. “We can link the content they post in their social worlds through Rimmel London’s social media profiles, plus content from,” says Goldberg.

he campaign more than doubled the number of mentions of Rimmel London online within three months, increased the number of monthly visits to from 32,674 to 50,639, and increased the site’s number of monthly unique visitors from 27,943 to 45,108.

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