Future of Magazines? New Interfaces for a new decade

Future of Magazines? New Interfaces for a new decade

CES is awash with people talking tablets and slates, and e-readers are finally getting traction.  That is fine and exciting from a hardware point of view, but what about design?

Ever since Jakob Neilson gained popularity and promoted usability (often with top-left nav approaches), the web has been wrestling with usability versus design.  I've been looking for a good visual summary of web page design from single column early sites, to top-left, to innovations like flash navigation, cover-flow, panel-driven interfaces and tabbed content elements (yahoo) but haven't found one yet.

Regardless, there is some really exciting work going on for electronic delivery of magazine.

This video from Bonnier, a Swedish media group, shows some amazing thinking and a great prototype. 

It demonstrates what we all feel:  that electronic delivery of magazine content can improve the user experience and that magazines online are not just about putting their content on websites. 

Mag+ from Bonnier on Vimeo.

Or if you would only like to see the prototype in action from the video: