The Internet: Past, Present & Future from ComScore

The Internet: Past, Present & Future from ComScore

Ever wanted to see some of the biggest names in the Internet commenting on the past, present and future? 

Comscore was started in 1999, and in the last 10 years has built itself a great corner in measurement.  Reaching out to John Battelle, Esther Dyson, Fred Wilson, Andrew Braccia and others they have put together a 6 minute video commentary.  It wanders into periods of smaltz promotion at times, but generally is quite good.  If only to be reminded of the faces to the names.

Comscore 10th Anniversay Video

What was I doing in 1999?  Aside from setting up an office in London and trying to be useful in the chaos that was — going to a lot of "launch parties," speaking to the BBC at First Tuesday and talking e-commerce at European HP summits. 

All good fun.