Volley Return – XBox 360 Project Natal

Volley Return – XBox 360 Project Natal

Bing and Decide

The latest announcements on the tech front are almost like watching a tennis game.  Just when you thought it was safe to forget about Technology for a day or two, it keeps coming.

Start a week ago. Microsoft launches Bing — a search engine that has some interesting new features but got people more excited because it launched using its name as a verb in its tag line — "Bing & Decide." 

The question that came to mind was Bing and decide if Bing is better?  Like Avis' famous "We try harder," it is just asking us to give poor newcomer Bing a chance. 

No question the "stop searching and start deciding" is a real insight and I'm sure we'll see more of it across clients.

Then Google shows off truly mindblowing innovation across a host of areas with Google Wave

Touted as e-mail had it been designed today, it covers a range of innovations from real-time IM to real-time translation and e-mail thread playback.  As has been noted, could be too big.

Now it is Microsoft's turn. Project Natal for the XBox.

Aside from controller-less gaming, this puts XBox exactly where Microsoft has always wanted it — the center of the home as the living room computer.  Video chat, connections to e-commerce, media choosing and playing.

Hold on to your laptops, the next year is going to very interesting.