Proximity Gets a US Office – and it’s digital

Proximity Gets a US Office – and it’s digital

After all of these years the “worldwide network” of Proximity will have a US office.  It will also give Proximity’s digital team a major boast which I’m sure the teams in London and elsewhere will look forward to as they try to develop more digital work in the DM-centric offices.

So two questions to watch —

1) will Atmosphere add DM skills to become more like the original Digitas (Simon Hall’s original vision)?

2) will Proximity follow Atmosphere’s approach of building digital around display advertising not websites and applications?

Being focused on display advertising as Atmosphere is makes it a lot easier to integrate with BBDO’s traditional approach and creative structure, but makes it harder to be do advanced digital marketing — the transformational kind that requires good consulting, technical and deep creative skills.

Then again this may be smart — just as the management consultancies have said ad agencies shouldn’t bother to try to get a seat next to the CEO, perhaps they shouldn’t try to do complex digital work like R/GA either. 

There is plenty of work out there doing advertising and campaigns.

Thursday, Feb 19

Breaking: Atmosphere BBDO To Be Absorbed by Proximity Worldwide

AgencySpy has learned that Atmosphere BBDO will be absorbed by Proximity Worldwide. Roy Elvove, EVP director of corporate communications confirmed the news moments ago.