R/GA – AgencySpy hits a key point

R/GA – AgencySpy hits a key point

Matt Van Hoven over at AgencySpy gets to see a lot of agencies and definitely spends a lot of time thinking about them and writing about them.  As much as you can’t say it is high-brow journalism, it is entertaining.  And can be insightful.

Take this comment from his recent visit to R/GA, one of the most successful agencies (of any kind) in the last 5 years.

mediabistro.com: AgencySpy
“Here’s how it’s not a traditional shop. Technology plays a greater role here than we realized, typified by “technical creatives” who sit in the same space as the writers, artists and whatnot. Ideas come from everywhere, including the people who know how gadgets work. No writer/art director silos here.”

The key point here is that producing strong digital work requires more the smart creatives thinking about good digital ideas — it reaquires a structural change in how traditional agencies operate and a much stronger appreciation for the technical staff they currently keep in the basement next to the print production team.