Moving Hits the News

Moving Hits the News

They say blogs are all about the blogger — and in fact sometimes it is true.

Teams been talked to, clients notified, internal announcements made and the press release sent out. And of course George got it out on his blog, as you’d expect from a fully entrenched digital maniac.

If you are interested the articles that are online are here:

brandrepublic-new-logo.jpg  Iris raids Ogilvy for digital chief Baker

NMA Logo  OgilvyOne’s John Baker Heads to Iris

Personally I’m really looking forward to the entrepreneurial kick of building up a group and helping an independent agency grow. Being on the MTeam at Organic (or BigWigz as it was also once called) was some of the most interesting and fun work I’ve seen. Big enough to have scale (and even go public amazingly), small enough to still make calls and move on them.

Ogilvy is a great company and OgilvyInteractive will have a great year — particularly in London. We’ve built the base with a lot of clients, done great work and hired lots of really talented people.

It is a tough decision choosing between moving a big company that is at the top of its game, gets digital marketing and does move — all be it at times slowly — or a small company that has a seriously entrepreneurial attitude, great approach to people and is growing like mad on the back of great work. Or perhaps I should actually just thank the Internet for the choices. Who would have thought the Mini-Tel could turn into this.