Anglo-centric Blog List

Anglo-centric Blog List

Sorry for the delay in following up the post — been on holiday chasing big waves off Vlieland and Terscheling.

George calls out that the majority of the Japanese sites are actually over ranked because of spam links. Be interesting to investigate.

But even with more people speaking English in India then in the United States, this list from Technorati still looks suspect:
1. Engadget
2. Boing Boing
3. Gizmodo
4. Techcrunch
5. Huffington Post
6. Lifehacker
7. Ars Technica
8. Daily Kos
9. PostSecret
10. Mashable

This list reminds me of the phsycographic profiles we did of the “average internet user” back in 1997 – techy, skewing male, gadget-centric and, of course, English-only.

Technorati and BlogPulse shouldn’t be so far apart and I’m sure there has been an analysis of their research methodologies. Peseus WebSurveyor has a posting that is quite a bit dated but does show that if we want to measure “conversations” alongside “brand tracking” and “hard metrics” we have some work to do.