Dueling Banjos & More Guitar Wizardry

Dueling Banjos & More Guitar Wizardry

It is a great Internet moment when you can see one of the best music pieces from an obscure movie, Deliverance, next to one of the best live music events of the early 80s, Friday Night in San Francisco.

Many thanks to Jurie Horneman for surfacing these two.

It reminds you why you have to like the Internet as much as you do and makes you want to pick up the guitar again.

But the best Al di Meola, Paco de Lucia and John Mclaughlin song has to be Mediterranean Sundace. They play it at the same concert and have been playing it since.

This from a few years later:

Here is the original link www.intelligent-artifice.com/2007/08/dueling-banjos-.html to Jurie's post.