Some Recent Work

Some Recent Work

Creatives coming in to interview always talk about “their book” or “their portfolio” — and can talk for 5 minutes or 5 hours on each piece.  They take pride and seeing as this is a big part of what we sell, they should.  I’ve always thought account people and strategist should maintain a book as well.  Even useless overhead locked off on executive row or in the ivory tower should has their personal projects.  Everyone at an agency needs to be attached to and proud of the work.

Here are a couple of campaigns I’ve been involved in at Ogilvy that I like and why.

Brand Republic Redesign
In my first week at Ogilvy I was handed a folder by Annette King as part of her transition notes – Haymarket’s brand republic was looking for an agency to help redesign their magazines / content portal. Great opportunity and high profile project.   After proving we were the right agency and working through that we couldn’t do the job for free, we kicked off a classic front-end site redesign with strategy, IA, design and functional specification for the Haymarket team to build.

I love the project because we were able to get a lot of community features integrated into the content of the site, got to redesign the brandmark, and came up with some fun interface ideas to allow quick browsing of content.

Brand Republic – Before

Brand Republic – After

Castrol Index

This Castrol Index site came about as Castrol realized they were spending a big sum on the Euro 2008 sponsorship and wanted to make more of it then supplying banners at the events.

The part we did the most work on was the overall site design, homepage control and the teamsheet.  Great use of flash and an early nod to the ipod album finder interface that has run rampent across the web.