Campaign Agency Report – 2000

Campaign Agency Report – 2000


Organic London grew from two people who came over from the New York

agency and were reportedly ’drop-kicked into London with laptops’. The

London agency opened its doors in 1998, and over the past year the

co-founders – John Baker and Fred Fields – have built the team up to 65


Although almost a quarter of the company is owned by Omnicom, the rest

is owned by Organic London employees. The company went public in


Organic London has created a varied client base. Recent wins include,, Eyestorm, Uproar, the international direct dialing

account,, and special promotions for Emirates. It has

produced an online service for DaimlerChrysler, available to customers

and dealers.

Its media group has been working on Uproar, CDNow and PetsPark.

Organic is also behind one of the most talked-about brands this year, Despite the negative press surrounding the site’s now notorious

marketing problems, it remains true that reset the parameters of

brand building and customer service within the industry.

Organic London aims to bolster its offering by working on e-commerce

site development, interactive design, marketing, and media planning.

Managing director: John Baker

Declared income 2000         pounds 4m (est)

Declared billings 2000                   n/s

% new-media work                         100

Staff 2000                                85

Clients:, Daimler, Chrysler, LAW.Com,Tommy Hilfiger,