Altacircle Tech Log

17 Sept 12 – Adding Network Sites

After 2 years of near uneventful blogging bliss, with upgrades and database upgrades coming off so easily I’d forgetten my FTP accounts, I’ve decided to up it again.  Want to get NordicEagle back live, and create a WhatifAll site.


26 Sept 10 – Moved to new host

Can’t figure out if it is how I installed on Network Solutions or how it has been messed with over time, but the blog feels slow so I thought I’d experiment with a new host.  Looked at BlueHost and DreamHost and decided on DreamHost.  This was definitely the easiest migration ever.  Google Analytics history, wordpress stats history, settings, posts.

Makes you a Techno Utopian for the day. – Dreamhost –

Going to look at adding Nordic Eagle and a house blog using WordPress Multisite.  Probably take me weeks of tech puzzling and destroy any utopian beliefs I ever carried.

21 Feb 10  – Directory Fix

–fixed google links to not


Added two lines to wp-config file on /altacircle/


Broke image uploader, I think.

2 Jan 08 – Move to new host

Moved to Network Solutions

–Primary Address: (or

–Database  IP:

Dec 06 – Started on