Web definitions for Drivel

Idiotic utterance; silly nonsense; twaddle. A useful way of passing time, a productive way of releasing tension and defusing flames, as well as an opportunity to explicate one’s vast knowledge of utterly useless matters. – Definition in context

Alta Circle does come from a fantastic mountain in Utah.

It was also supposed to be the name of an online magazine for people addicted to the convenience of private aviation. And the hardcore dedicated pilots and plane operators that keep their clients in the air.

Then it struck me as a great boat name — Alta — especially if you’ve spent some time in the Northern latitudes instead of the Med where more sensible people seem to go.

And of course when you look at the Internet and the agencies that produce endless strategy documents, crank out marketing material and think about what will get people to click, there are plenty of similarities. The pilots and dispatchers have a bit of jealousy for their wealthy clients, but not really.

Alta can also be considered a state of mind, and is a source of perspective and random driveling.